Valve Diaphragms

Genuine ITT diaphragms ensure the highest levels of quality and consistent compliance with ASME BPE specifications.

For a superior seal we offer Pure-Life E1 diaphragms, which consist of a peroxide cured, high molecular weight EPDM elastomer developed specifically for the intense applications of the Biopharmaceutical industry and has shown order of magnitude performance gains over previous generations of EPDM diaphragms. These diaphragms are USP Class VI compliant, and provide a supple yet chemically inert surface for product contact.

For unsurpassed durability, we offer Type TM17 diaphragms, which consist of a Type 17 EPDM cushion with a separate diaphragm of modified PTFE for product contact. These TM17 diaphragms are chemically inert, impermeable, and offer a longer flex life and the ability to operate at higher temperatures.